Grange Jacquot

Attigny France

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Tourist Attractions near La Grange Jacquot

La Grange Jacquot is the ideal starting point for superb hiking and cycling trips


  • Bicycle, VTT
  • Shopping at 5 km, Doctors and chemist shops
  • Restaurants, farm auberges. Natural products and farmers

Sporting and relaxing activities :

  • Bicycle/VTT, Hiking (GR7), Canoeing, Climbing wall, and elastic jumping
  • Fishing, Mushrooms hunting
  • Tennis at 5 km, thermal programs at Bourbonne les bains or Plombieres les Bains
  • Golf

Artistic sites and museums :

  • Beer factory at Ville sur Illon, Les toiles de Bassot Jésonville church
  • Glass, Iron and wood museum at Hennezel
  • Glass factory « La Rochere » at Passavant, Prehistoric museum in Darney


Archeological sites :

  • The crypte of Esley, The cistercian Abbaye in Droiteval
  • The St Maur abbaye in Bleurville
  • Châtillon sur Saône, Gallo-roman sites of Grand, Jonvelle, Les Thons etc…

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Attigny Historical general information

  • Raised in 1711 of the seigniory of Bassompierre and chapter of Remiremont.
  • Birthplace of Charles d' Hennezel de Valleroy, general of Empire.

Prehistoric and ancient vestiges

  • Roman presence: vestiges of dwelling, tiles, currencies.

Civil architecture

  • Bridge 17th.
  • Castle medium 18th built par Gabriel of Burgundy (?), on the road of Darney, in the middle of a closed field of walls.

Structure crowned

  • Church of the Nativity 16th, replaces an older building of which there remain only the capitals with water beginning sheets 13th; chorus entirely altered in 1852; Virgin with the Child beginning 15th.
  • Vault Claude Brisot, old hermitage, rebuilt 19th by Pierre de Finance of Attigny: rule of Our-Lady-of-Pity 16th.

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Do you prefer a health program and be looked after for a while ? Quite near us, Contrexeville and Vittel have a variety of programs around the famous “waters”: Vittel Contrexéville

A little further on, Bourbonne-les-bains offer thermal programs

Plombières-les-Bains is a charming thermal station with its thousand balconies. It possesses 27 hot sources, with few minerals and rich in oligo-elements. The sources spring between 57 and 84°C. They are ideal to relax, and also good for digestive and rhumatismal therapies. Plombières-les-Bains

A splendid village rebirth awaits you, with the limit of the Vosges and the Haute-Saône: enter on our premises and Bourbonne the Baths, a passage to Châtillon On the Saone is essential !

A visit to the famous glass factory of La Rochère, a few kms away is a must .... Cristallerie

About 60 kms away you can find Langres, so rich with history, a superb Cathedral, remparts with a fantastic view and museums. Langres

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